My new CD Welling – with string quartet Zapp4 was released on 26 June, 2015, at the Jazzdag in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

CD presentation: June 27, 2015, in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam – 20.30

Available from Tin Wood Music

Hermine’s CD “Welling” is the realization of a long held dream:

“I’ve known the guys from Zapp4 for a long time now, from the Amsterdam jazz scene and we also bumped in to each other during international jazz festivals. At a certain point we decided to record together.”

“I find the combination of harmonica and string quartet truly magnificent. It is very transparent and the timbres are complimentary. I had a couple of pieces in mind for some time now that work exceptionally well for this combination.”


Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo Magazine. “Welling ranges gracefully from classic to modern jazz. Colorful, accessible, and rich in exciting improvisations from Deurloo, as well as Zapp4, over daring, magnificent, and complementary arrangements.”

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Mischa Andriessen, Trouw. “Each composition has a unique and persuasive feel to it. From light and sunny to fascinating and intense, and everything in between.”

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Scott Yanow, jazz writer (Wikipedia), in September 2015 issue of LA Jazz Scene. “It is a sure bet that very few recordings feature the instrumentation of chromatic harmonica and a string quartet, but few harmonica players are on the level of Hermine Deurloo. Based in Amsterdam, Ms. Deurloo studied saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatory while teaching herself to play the harmonica. She has performed with the Willem Breuker Kollektief, the Metropole Orchestra and other European groups. Like the great Toots Thielemans, she has worked in the studios and appeared on soundtracks. And like Larry Adler, Thielemans’ predecessor, she is capable of playing a wide variety of music.”

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Vera Vingerhoeds, jazz writer. “Hermine Deurloo has really progressed in her playing these last few years — one beautiful melodic solo after another. It all sounds great! Her exact choice of which notes to play is really superb. Zapp4 proves itself once more a very sophisticated string quartet, able to apply refinement next to energy and excitement in all musical situations.”

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James West, WestSideOfJazz. “Hailing from the jazz rich scene of Amsterdam, Hermine Deurloo brings a modernistic sense and sensibility to her instrument of choice – The Harmonica. Her musical canvases are flush with rich coloring and texturing, with brush strokes of chamber and classical adding to the fullness of her modern jazz soundscapes, as the title track from her new album demonstrates.”

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Hanz Invernizzi, JazzFlits #241, 22 July 2015. “‘Welling’ swings, loose and relaxed, while sometimes you hear chamber music and free improvised jazz. All in all, ‘Welling’ is a laid back album with 9 top notch pieces of innovative collaboration.”

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Jan Jasper Tamboer, Het Parool. Deurloo is not just another harmonica player, and Zapp4 is not just another string quartet, because they each have a solid grounding in jazz idioms. The music is of an enjoyable lightness and elegance. The sounds work together very well and even add value to each other.

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Dave Sumner, This is Jazz Today. For music that’s got a folksy charm and affable personality, there’s an engrossing introspective side to this album, too. Deurloo’s chromatic harmonica dances around the slashing lines of a string quartet, and the crosshatch of furtive motions, deep melodicism and warm harmonies is pretty addictive. Lively music that’s likely inspire all kinds of daydream imagery.

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Fred Pach, Muziekwereld.com: Hermine Deurloo’s collaboration with Zapp4 is an especially interesting experiment that works out surprisingly well. Over the past weeks, I have appreciated ‘Welling’ more and more each time I listened to it anew, as an exciting musical journey. An absolute recommendation for music lovers who are open to experimental yet really accessible jazz music!

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Stefan Koer, Concerto, Amsterdam: “Welling” is a surprising adventure in the jazz world. Led by Hermine Deurloo (chromatic harmonica), with the Zapp4 string quartet as supporting act. You don’t often hear a string quartet together with a chromatic harmonica. The listener is treated to a musical journey with diverse styles in which there is place for swing, improvisation, interaction, and grooves.

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Maud Mentink, JAZZNU.com, about the CD presentation concert of “Welling”: Great that Deurloo took the initiative for this adventure, because the compositions are amazing! And so are the improvisations and solos. What an exciting sound is created by this quintet! Also, it is heartwarming to see how the musicians give each other room to perform their solos and how supportive they are of each other. The combination of a string quartet and a harmonica is for their audience one single whole.

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Johan Bakker, Nederlands Dagblad, about “Welling”: The combination of string quartet and chromatic harmonica, which already on paper sounds very promising, turns out in reality to be irresistible indeed.

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“Het Gouden Wagentje” by Jeffrey Bruinsma, filmed by Hermine Deurloo, on YouTube

Short Extracts from the CD

Het Gouden Wagentje – Jeffrey Bruinsma

Una Volta – Hermine Deurloo

Varden – Oene van Geel

Ericerias – Oene van Geel

Musique au Fond – Rembrandt Frerichs

Nederland, Amsterdam, 12 12-2014 Zapp4 met Hermine Deurloo Foto: Merlijn Doomernik

“The musicians were encouraged to give their input in terms of the repertoire. My only condition was that it had to work well melodically for my instrument and that the end result would be interesting. But also if the piece had enough room for improvisation. The combination of harmonica and string quartet had to reinforce each other and shed new light on the piece. It has resulted in a collection of new and self-composed pieces supplemented by two compositions by Jaco Pastorius and Ali Farka Touré.”

The CD was recorded in the Fattoria Musica Studio in Osnabrück, Germany. “It is a wonderful studio with beautiful acoustics. Here you can distance yourself from the world and concentrate fully on the recording process. And it was fantastic that Han Bennink dropped by to play on one of the tracks!”

“The title of the CD is ‘Welling’. The album is named after a famous café opposite the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. I have known it since I was a little girl, I grew up in that neighbourhood. I still visit the café quite often and have also performed there with Theo Loevendi amongst others. During all those years hardly anything has changed. I really love that nostalgic atmosphere, that is the vibe I was looking for on this album. You could call it cinematic, that indecisive feeling of longing.”

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